Bonus Credit Card Limit Increase Methods

Developed by Good Finance, the bank with the largest network of merchants in our country, Bonus credit card has a campaign calendar that is updated frequently.

Bonus users who can benefit from more campaigns every day and who can carry out their shopping at a discount may sometimes need to increase the credit card limit and have developed various channels in Good Finance to meet this need.

Good Finance Bonus Credit Card Limit Increase Methods

Good Finance Bonus Credit Card Limit Increase Methods

There are several channels that can be used for a bonus credit card limit increase. All of these channels help update the card limit within 24 hours, but consumers who apply adversely to the limit increase need to follow different procedures.

Increasing Credit Card Limit via SMS

Through the mobile phone number that Good Finance Bonus credit card is defined, INCREASE space Requested Limit space The last 6 digits of the credit card can be sent to the credit card limit increase application by writing the Monthly Income and sending an SMS to 3340.

The application for increasing the limit will be evaluated in a very short time and the result will be delivered to the cardholder by SMS.

Internet Limit Increase Application


Applications can be made to increase the credit card limit through Good Finance’s website or mobile application. The form can be filled in for the requested limit by following My Credit Cards> Bonus Credit Card> Limit Increase steps respectively. The result of the application for a limit increase will be notified to the consumer via text message.

Limit Increase Application From ATM

An application for the limit increase can also be submitted through the guarantee parameters. For this, after placing the relevant credit card in the ATM bank, transactions can be made on the Limit Transactions page.

Through Bonus Flash Application

Credit card limit increase request can also be sent through Bonus Flash application developed in card isolation so that bonus credit card holders can be informed about the campaigns they organize. All you need to do is follow My Card Settings> Credit Card Limit> Limit Increase Application steps. The credit card limit will be updated in a very short time and notification will be made through the application.

Regular Limit Increase Request

It is also possible to request the lowest level of regular limit increase in accordance with the card expenditures. All you need to do is to benefit from Good Finance branches.

If the Limit Increase Application Is Negative


If the submitted limit increase request is responded negatively and you are submitting an application for a limit of less than 3 times your income, all you need to do is go to the nearest Good Finance branch and update the data.

For this, you should have your income document and identity card with you. When you submit your limit increase request together with the income document, your application will be answered very positively.

If you submit an application along with the income document but your application is negative, it is useful to obtain an E-Money credit report to find out if there are different credit cards registered in your name and to learn about your other credit cards along with your credit limit. By closing your other credit cards, you can increase your credit limit and increase your credit card limit.

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