Buying a Mobile Phone with a Commercial Credit Card Belonging to Another Person

One of the most radical decisions taken in recent years regarding the use of credit cards was the failure to pay installments for individual credit cards and mobile phones. As can be noticed and learned from the numerous announcements, the restriction concerns only individual credit cards and does not prevent commercial credit card holders from purchasing mobile phones by installments.

Therefore, consumers who have the opportunity to shop with a commercial card can buy a mobile phone with a credit card and pay it back in installments as if they spend every day.

How to Buy Mobile Phone with Installment by Commercial Credit Card?

How to Buy Mobile Phone with Installment by Commercial Credit Card?

According to the legal legislation, mobile phone, gold, and telecommunication expenses can be made in installments for a maximum of 9 months. In this context, consumers who have a commercial credit card or those who have access to this card can spend their mobile phone spending in installments for 9 months.

To do this, it will be sufficient to make the necessary choices and requests from the installment possibilities window opened for writing the card information during the purchases made via the pos device or the internet.

There is nothing else to do to purchase a mobile phone with a credit card.

How to get someone else’s commercial credit card?

It will be sufficient for the commercial credit card holder to be there during the invoicing and receive the invoice from the shopping. Most of the time, spending can be made without the need for a commercial credit card holder to be there, it is not possible to carry out a different procedure than shopping with individual credit cards.

Should I Buy A Mobile Phone Without Credit Card Installment?

In fact, within the scope of the campaigns organized by technology companies cooperating with banks, it is possible to use microcredit and make a refund with the desired term. The only thing to do is to send a loan application through contracted electronic stores or to use the consumer loans taken by applying to the bank for mobile phone spending.

Which is the Most Profitable Method?

Which is the Most Profitable Method?

Consumers may encounter various confusion due to the high number of choices, and therefore it may be useful to elaborate on the most sensible method that people who want to buy a mobile phone by installment can apply.

Credit cards are subject to the contractual interest rate application of banks and in this context, they cause the shopping to be carried out with the highest interest rate allowed by the conditions.

Therefore, cash advances, including mobile phones, etc. Consumers will be harmful from most credit card transactions that are subject to maturity. Because, on the other hand, there are micro-credit facilities that can be used in proportion to the need.

Banks organize loan campaigns on a periodic basis and make serious reductions in interest rates. Although the total payment to be made is thought to be more than credit cards, most of the consumer loan products offered now will be more profitable than 12-month credit card shopping.

Some banks may even provide interest-free consumer loans. For example, up to 1000 USD, interest-free loans can be withdrawn through Good Finance. The only thing to do for this is to give 2 automatic bill payment orders and not to cancel for 12 months.

If there is an opportunity for installments for the cash price

If there is an opportunity for installments for the cash price

It can be expected that shopping with a credit card will be more profitable. However, what should be considered here is what the shopping interest rate is. Even if no interest is collected due to the promise of the expenditure made, payments can be made under the name of the shopping interest rate due to the use of credit cards.

Therefore, even if you have a commercial credit card, it would be beneficial to evaluate alternative credit products and to do the mathematics of the business well.

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