How to Learn Bank Credit Application Result (Inquiry)

Since its establishment, Good Credit, which meets the cash needs of many people, especially individual consumers, and is preferred by more and more people due to advantageous interest rates, has an inquiry tool developed to find out what the loan application is like.

Due to the high number of credit and credit card applications made and the intensity of branches to be prevented, Good Credit does not charge any fee for this, providing support for inquiry applications through the call center and website.

When will the application be concluded?

When will the application be concluded?

If the loan applications made will be a preliminary application and will be used to meet the high needs such as vehicles and housing, the evaluation result can be learned on the same day.

However, even if the result of the assessment has been learned, no credit allocation takes place. In order to complete the loan allocation process, it is necessary to go to the branch to submit the necessary documents and wait for the appraisal review.

However, if the application is submitted for products such as consumer credit and credit card, the application will be concluded within the same day and it will be possible to allocate it instantly if there is an open account in the bank.

How is the Application Query?


Consumers who want to find out the status of the orange account application they send to Good Credit should follow the Home> Information Support> Orange Account> Orange Account Application Inquiry steps after entering Good Credit’s web address. After making the application, inquiries can be made with the reference number and verification code stored.

If an application has been submitted for a different product or if inquiries cannot be made on the website, it is possible to find out the status of the application through the call center. To do this, simply call the call center at 0850 222 0 600 and connect to a credit card customer representative or credit information line.

Through Good Credit’s branches, it is possible to learn how the loan application is. An application has been submitted for individual needs, and if it is to be informed about the status of this application, an application has been sent from the retail sales specialist for the purpose of meeting the commercial needs and if the status of this application will be learned, support must be obtained from the SME Sales Specialist.

What happens after the application?


After the loan application is transmitted to the bank, the bank calculates how much the credit allocation involves compared to the credit rating and the declared income, and as a result of this calculation, it responds to the loan application positively or negatively.

If the algorithm making the risk analysis is unsure about making a decision, it adds it to the queue for staff review. Then, the staff evaluates the loan application and if it will be answered positively, it reaches the consumer and states that the loan or loan application is responded positively.

Upon request, consumers have the opportunity to return their approved loans within 14 days, even if they are allocated. No commission, interest or penalty is applied for the loan returned and the principal debt is paid to the bank.

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