What loan companies need to be careful about?

Black sheep can be found in every industry. Similarly, in the industry related to cash loans. Which companies would you not use again? And why – for justification. And no, because of no.

Private loans


In my opinion on all these private loans. It is not known who is borrowed from, it is not known what such a person has in flames, it is not even known what opinions they have, because where to read about her?

Private – optional from family, never from strangers. Too much risk of burning, as the young say. When dealing with companies that provide not only financial services but generally services or sellers, you must approach the principle of limited trust.

Provisions in loan agreements


This is a wolf’s law and even a consumer privilege. As the classic said – trust but check. This principle applies to both interpersonal and business relationships. Maybe not so much for companies as for provisions in loan agreements, especially the department with penalties and commissions. I try not to enlist in all those companies that passionately stick stickers on my staircase. It has the inscription:

Take a loan in 5 minutes and a phone number is provided. I do not take, because it must be some kind of lime, besides vandalism, because who will break it later? Not on companies, but on contracts and records that are in it must be careful. It is based on the contract that cooperation will apply, nothing else should interest you. I always say – read contracts with understanding.

Debt collection


I know that it is sometimes difficult, because of the legal language, but it has changed in favor of borrowers. You have to be vigilant, but the maneuvering room of loan companies has been quite narrowed. It is no longer the wild 90s, where if you did not pay off the debt, it came in 4 necks from debt collection and take such refusal here.

There is currently a full culture in this respect. I try not to take out loans in all these companies or private individuals who advertise by sticking these funny stickers with the words “Loan” and telephone number. You don’t really know who’s on the other side. Bah!

Such forms of advertising, littering the environment, should be severely punished because there are more problems with this than benefits.

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