Which long-term loan?

I have stable employment and not too bad earnings. It is not a national average, but an amount similar to the national average. I plan to buy a car, but not something but something that will drive for several seasons.

Loan offers 


I was thinking about a loan because it would take me years to put down. I am looking for a loan offer of up to USD 20,000 Can you recommend me something in this area? There are many offers, I suggest entering the ranking – even here on the website, to the “ranking” menu and then “long-term loans”.

Currently, Good Finance is at the top of the ranking, but it is also worth checking out other offers because they are also comparable in terms of conditions.

Repayment period


Please remember that the longer the repayment period, the higher the absolute cost of the loan. In short, this means that it doesn’t pay to take loans with distant repayment terms too much.

The medium-term periods in which most loan companies specialize are optimal. My type is Fast Cash. This ranking is ok. Sift all those loan companies that operate in the short term.

Which operating model is based on the fact that they grant loans for 30 days, and later you can possibly extend the repayment time, but this is an additional paid service (I do not know if it is included in the general APRC)? And why not Provident? A company that has probably been operating in the payday loans industry since the beginning.

The fact has had its ups and downs, but you can’t say that they are misleading the customer. They have certain standards, interest rates, and other costs are also known. You can take out a loan from them both online and stationary. A bit of a laurel came out, but their offer is really ok.

Mortgage loans


Not that I would cling to it, but with long loans taken for several years, mortgage loans are becoming profitable. Is this a risk? Probably some, but the cost of the loan is much lower. Consider it, put it in a spreadsheet and count it exactly. Is the ranking? Is.

You have lined up in the pan, which offers are noteworthy and which are not. For example, such a Provident (probably everyone who took a loan ever met the offer of this company), gives up to 15k USD for a period of 3 installments (I emphasize installments, not years).

Offers in Good Finance and Good Lender are extremely favorable. They have 8 and 11% per annum respectively. Reply Add an answer Description: Signature: E-mail: Add a new answer Thank you! Your response has been added and is awaiting approval by a moderator. 

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